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Perkin Elmer 1320 IR Spectrophotometer

Perkin Elmer 1320 IR Spectrophotometer
---- $3,995.00

Refurbished and Tested with 90 Day Warranty and Installation
Save an additional $495.00 if no installation is required.


Perkin Elmer 1320 dispersive grating infrared spectrophotometer- built-in chart recording, double-beam light path, optical null instrument which is microprocessor-controlled. A DC wedge/pen servo mechanism is used to drive the optical null wedge. A four digit display provides the wavelength frequency readout. The instrument is controlled thru a soft key touch panel. The monochromator, photometer, IR detector, electronics, and the grating are protected by the case enclosure. The source compartment contains the source, the power supply and the fuses. This unit can be used with several different sampling accessories. Accessories are sold separately.

  This unit was refurbished by factory trained personnel and is in good working order.      


1320 IR Spectrophotometer
Wavelength Scan Range 4,000 cm-1 to 600 cm-1
The Log Metric Abscissa Scale Accuracy range: 4000 - 2000 cm-1: ±6 cm-1
The Log Metric Abscissa Scale Accuracy range: 2000 - 600 cm-1: ±3 cm-1
The Abscissa Expansion of Scale options: X0.5, X1, and X5
Ordinate Range 0%T to 100%T
Ordinate Accuracy ±2 %T
Baseline Flatness ±3 %T
Signal/Noise greater than 100:1
Time Drive options: 0.5, 1 and 5 cm/min

  On-site installation and operators manual included. U.S. and Canada Only. On site installation includes labor and travel only. Travel expenses are billed separately.